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ACA device and Panel

Asset condition & acquisition (ACA) device continuously and automatically record the physical condition of different key parts of machine during operation, such as motor vibration, water gate leakage, at each individual machine. ACA devices use different kinds of sensors, including temperature sensors, accelerometer sensor, near-filed switch sense, etc. to detect the change in the condition of different key machine parts. Basically, one ACA device is responsible for one machine part, while it is usually that more than one position, for measuring the consumption of different resources, installed for one machine.

On the other hand, an ACA Panel installed at each machine, will connect to all the ACA devices which capturing the monitoring parts on the machine. The Panel is responsible to capture the machine repair and checking related data, such as the start and end time of the repair process, the operators name, maintenance order ID, etc. Each Panel equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) reader that allows operators present the RFID tags related to the maintenance order before and after work-in-progress (WIP) processed. The Panel also contains a keypad for manual data input of operation data, such as give the failure reference ID when reporting a machine breakdown, and performance score to the workman when the maintenance task completed. All the operation and machine condition data are passed to the data capturing middleware through Smart Sensor Network (SSN).