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System Architecture

(1) Data Capture Devices

Asset Condition & Acquisition (ACA) Panel and ACA device are installed at each individual machine in the factory, to collect the required maintenance data and machine condition in the shop floor.

(2) Smart Sensor Network

A smart sensor network (SSN) is formed by multiple wireless sensor nodes which can act as both data receiver and sender. The real-time data captured by the data capture devices is transmitted to the data capture middleware through the SSN.

(3) Data Capturing Module (Middleware)

Data capture middleware can filter, format, organize, and combine the real-time captured maintenance action and asset condition data, received from the SSN.

(4) Asset Condition Management Executive Layer

This layout is the core part of the system, and it processes, manages and analyzes the data passed from the data capture middleware by different modules:

(4.1) Database and Data Management Module:

- Database (DB) stores the external and internal data required in the system. The data management module control the storage of data in the database, retrieval of data from the database, assess of the database, etc.

(4.2) Intelligent Asset Condition Engine:

- The Intelligent Asset Condition Engine (IACE) is based on the both online and offline asset status data, knowledge base algorithms and manufacturing logics to support the asset condition monitoring, health diagnostic and prognostic analysis.

(4.3) Data Alert Module:

- The alerting module continuously monitors the real-time production and resource consumption data captured in the shop floor, to detect any abnormal or inefficient resource consumption. If there is any mistake or error, it will generate an alert to the users for further action.

(4.4) Sensor Management Module:

- The information related to device which monitoring the key parts conditions at each individual machine are managed by this module. The information includes which status of which machine that the sensor is monitoring, which ACA device is connected to the sensor, what are the values of calibration parameters and other parameters, etc.

(5) Application Layer

It is the graphical user interface (GUI) for inputting data by users, displaying data and information, query results and reports.